Tanner was born to Nemesis and Dominic Priske, a wealthy congressman, on October 9, 1993. With Dominic being rich, Tanner was spoiled his entire life. He got whatever he wanted, when he wanted. One day, however, Dominic was diagnosed with cancer. Only he, Tanner, and the doctors knew. When Dominic died, the paparazzi swarmed Tanner. They followed him everywhere, and he was sick of it. He ran away, and with the guidance of his mother, he made it to Camp with minimal injuries.


Tanner is eighteen-years-old. He is 5'11" and weighs roughly about 150 pounds. He has straight, dark brown hair that he usually keeps from shoulder length to his jaw, and he has the emo-bang thing going. His eyes are brown. He usually wears skinny jeans, grey or blue mostly, t-shirts, and hoodies. He usually has a goof expression, especially if you point a camera on him.


Tanner is goofy, and playful. He loves to joke around, though he can flip the switch and be really cranky. He lives on coffee, and when he's running low, he's pretty snippy. He likes to play pranks, though he usually ends up being the butt of the joke. He tends to be a bit egotistical and prideful sometimes. He gets defensive easily, and is very protective. He's pretty flirty, though not with every girl. He has to make sure she won't rip off his head if he does flirt with her, first.

Items of NoteEdit

  • A Fender Standard Precision Arctic White Rosewood. AKA: A bass guitar.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit


He doesn't have any weapons..... yet.


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