Parvati was born to a satyr, and another oread. Her father was searching for demigods near the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. There he met Parvati's mother, and fell in love. A while later they were married and had Parvati. They lived in a cozy little cave in the mountains for years. Then, one day, a group of Laestrygonian Giants came tramping down the mountain. They invaded their home and attacked. Parvati was too little to fight at this time, but her father and mother fought with everything they had, to protect her. They died fighting, but so did the giants. Parvati, alone and scared, ran away from their home. With guidance from Artemis (as Artemis showed favor to Oreads, because when she was hunting, she preferred forests and mountains), and made it to Camp safely. There she was welcomed, and she has lived in the Forest ever since.


Parvati looks as if she's sixteen years-old, and has long, dirty blonde hair that falls to her lower back. Her eyes are amber, and her skin is tan. She usually wears flowy sundresses, or tank tops and skirts that are amber, tan, or brown, with some brown sandals. Her entire appearance has the look of sandstone. (Google it if you don't know what it looks like.) She's 5'10" and weighs about 115 pounds.


Parvati is strong, but silent. She likes it better to watch from the sidelines than to be the center of attention. She's definately a follower, and not the leader. She is a bit shy, though if you get to know her, she's really nice and polite (if not a little sarcastic.) She likes to joke around and be with friends. She hates being alone. She is very apologetic, and is one of those people who apologizes about everything, even if it's not her fault.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


She has a spear with a hand-carved stone spearhead.


She can move rocks with her mind.


None yet.

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