Landon Smile
Child of Palaemon
(This Character Belongs to Lenobia)


Landon's alright most of the time, though he does think alot of himself. He does sometimes think that he's a bit better then everyone else and that there isn't anyone good enough for him.


One day, Lorie and Lock Smile got told the thing that every parent of a teenager fears. Their teenage daughter, Chelsea, was pregnant. Chelsea was a very popular girl in her high-school. She got whatever she wanted. Even a new student—Oliver Bends. She fell deeply in love with him, and he loved her. So much…okay, you can guess what happened a few times. And thus, Chelsea became pregnant. The time that she got pregnant, Oliver moved to Texas, leaving Chelsea alone.

But sadly, Chelsea’s parents hated her for getting pregnant. They would get drunk and take turns beating her harshly until she was bruised everywhere and bleeding. Though this only happened once or twice, they still took her out of public school and home-schooled her to keep the public from knowing that she’s been hurt whilst pregnant with a child. But somehow, Chelsea’s baby—unfortunately for her parents—was born alive and healthy. Though, Chelsea’s parents kicked her to the streets once she was out of the hospital. She had nothing. No home. No money. No job. She decided to just end it all. So, she set Landon down and jumped off a bridge. Before even the police arrived, Palaemon made Landon appear at camp, where he was raised. He turns into a Basking Shark.

Son of Palaemon
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age Sixteen
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Colour Black/Purple
Height 6"3'
Affiliation Self, Camp, Palaemon's Cabin, Etc.
Weapons Powers and his sword
Home Camp Half-Blood/Eris' Cabin.
Friends/Allies -
Enemies The Broken Covenant






  • Landon is able to swim fast in water
  • Landon is able to breath underwater
  • Landon is able to communicate with sharks
  • Landon is able to summon sharks from the local areas
  • Landon goes berserk when he smells blood




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