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Jude and Blake grew up in Flordia, though they were born in Athens, Greece to Ari Moore and Zeus. Ari Moore fled a country neighbouring Greece. But she had to stay there, for her father which she was hiding from could not come there. She lived with a man and had two children with him against her will, Jude and Blake. With help, she escaped to Flordia with her children. Little did she know, Zeus made a nameless book appear in her bags. There, she became a famous Nerosurgon. But one day, the two boys read the nameless book and read all the hidden myths and secrets. They were cursed with "The Book Curse". They read in the book that by the time they are 27, they'd die if they had not told anyone about what they'd read. Though they could only tell it to their true loves. If they told it to anyone else, they'd fall deadly ill.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born Apirl, 28

Ari Moore |~Mother~|

Zeus |~Father~|

Blake Moore |~Brother~|

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'
Affiliation Self, Camp, Zeus Cabin
Weapons -
Home Camp Half-Blood/Zeus Cabin
Friends/Allies Poseidon's, Hades', and Hephaestus. Blake Moore
Enemies Broken Covenant|The Broken Covenant
Treaties Same as Allies.
Quests -


Jude has an Alaskan Klee Kai named Casper.


  • Children of Zeus can send powerful amounts of static electricity throughout another's body on contact.
  • They have some control over air and the sky, being the child of Zeus, Lord of the Sky.
  • They can create lightning bolts at will. This skill will drain them of a lot of power.
  • They have electrokinesis (control over lightning and all electricity)
  • Since Zeus is the leader of the gods the children of Zeus have a strong leadership quality
  • Has control over things that are in their father's domain
  • They can fly.
  • They can control the wind.
  • They have a resistance to lightning and electricity.

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