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Hebe was getting lonely, and decided to make the perfect child. So she and Hecate set to work. Using a strand of hair, they attempted to make her- a perfectly polite, beautiful, and talented seventeen year-old-girl.

But, the spell went wrong, and two newborn girls came instead. They were indeed beautiful, but they weren't perfect. Upon seeing this, Hebe didn't want them as her attendants, and claimed them as her daughters instead.

She sent them to a demigod son of Aphrodite, Robert Young, whom she knew personally, as he had gone on a quest for her. Robert Young, being high up in the fashion world, saw their potential and started them on modeling and acting careers.

They grew up to be stars, and highly famous. One day, when they were 8, they were on a photoshoot, and were kidnapped by the director, who was really a dracnae in disguise.

They fought their way out of her clutches, and were led by Hebe to camp. They've lived there ever since. They are now 17 years-old.

Hebe's Imperfect Creation
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born -

Hebe - Mother

Robert Young - "Father"

Jeunesse Young - Twin-Sister

Heinrich Alten - HalfBrother

Penny Johnson - Halfsister

Lisa Blacow - Halfsister

All Half siblings are on Hebe's side.

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Self, Hebe, Hecate, and Camp.
Weapons Staff.
Home Camp Half-Blood
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -
Treaties -
Quests -




  • These children age slower than normally, beginning around age 12.
  • Children of Hebe can make people look younger, as Hebe is the goddess of youth.
  • Some can temporarily restore others to the prime of their life (increasing their powers to their peak), the power can only be used several times before it becomes ineffective.
  • They can make those with immortal blood feel the effects of old age.

Personality Edit


I guess you could say I've seen it all, so I'm pretty chill. I don't freak out about most anything anymore. I've met famous designers, photographers, and actors- nothing really excites me too much anymore. And even if it did excite me, I always have a calm exterior. I suppose you could say I'm flirty. I like guys, and they seem to be really into all hot, really rich and famous models. So I take what I want, and I'm done. One day I'd like to settle down and start a family, but only when I find the right guy, who's not interested in only my cash. Some people say I'm rude, but I guess it's because I've been in a cut-throat business so long. I'm kinda brutally honest- if something bothers me, you'll know. I'm prideful, and I know it. So if you're looking for a great listener, and a humble best friend, go look some where else- not saying that I don't want friends, but don't get your hopes up. I don't like to listen to authority. I'm used to things being my way, and being rewarded for it. It always ends up going better my way than theirs, anyway.

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