Eira Mica
Child of Aeolus---Wind Nymph
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Eira Mica is the daughter of Aeolus and Rain Mica, a daughter of Boreas. Though, Eira was never met to be…though which demigod was? It started when Aeolus and Rain where in love. Rain was a prized daughter of Boreas who was an immortal. She was made an immortal by her father because she was a big fighter in second Olympian war. But soon, she was a maid to her half-sister, Khione for many years. She finally escaped Boreas’ home in Quebec with the help of Aeolus. That’s when they fel in love. Well, at least Aeolus did. Rain just wanted to stay away from her father, so she stayed with Aeolus, as she knew he would keep Boreas away from her. Soon, she became Aeolus’ companion. This is what set off Boreas. He was angry that Aeolus had basically stolen his daughter. So, he plotted his revenge. Meanwhile, Rain found out that she was pregnant with Aeolus’ child. She planned to jump off a building, hopefully killing herself. She decided that being an immortal was too hard—and she didn’t want to be with Aeolus though she did not want to return to Quebec.

So the day came where Rain stood at the top of a tall tower, looking down. Then, she jumped. But she did not die. Because Aeolus saved her. He locked her away until Eira was born. Then, he gave Rain back to Boreas and raised Eira himself. When she was sixteen (now) she was sent to camp half-blood. Though her mother, Rain, still works as a maid to Boreas and every once in awhile, she returns to live with Aeolus, who she truly loves now.

Daughter of Aeolus
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age Seventeen
Family Aeolus - Father

Rain Mica - Mother

Boreas - Grandfather

Era Wiater - Secret Sister

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Colour Lilic
Height 5"5'
Affiliation Self, Camp, Aeolus' Cabin, Etc.
Weapons -
Home Camp Half-Blood/Aeolus' Cabin.
Friends/Allies -
Enemies The Broken Covenant









-It is unknown at the moment, but Rain Mica actually had twins, though she hid one from Aeolus. She took this child back to Quebec with her and raised her until she was five. Then, she sent her to the mortal world.

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