Chasm Burnham
Child of Hecate
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Σχετικά με τη ζωή μου
About My Life


I was created for Hecate by technically, I do not have a father. Which I'm okay with. Due to that I'm obviously a year-round camper besides the days I spend with my mother, Hecate in Olympus.

In the beginning, Hecate planned on making me a goddess. But Zeus would not allow it, he did not even want me to live on Olympus with Hecate. But Hecate did not care at all. She kept me on Olympus rather then send me to Camp. Zeus didn't like that Hecate was purposely going against his wishes by keeping me at Olympus. So he decided to kill me to teach Hecate a lesson about going against him. Hecate begged Zeus not to kill me. He agreed not to as long as I was sent to camp and Hecate never went against his wishes ever again. She agreed, but she did not want me raised at camp. So instead Hecate sent me to Persephone who raised me as her own. Though I'm still the daughter of Hecate. I have a power or two of Persephone's though none of Hades.

χάσμα έγκαυμα

Chasm Burnam

Daughter of Hecate.

Princess of the Underworld

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Current Age 20
Family Hecate- Mother
Status Alive/Demigod/Single
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5' 5"
Affiliation Hecate, The underworld, camp
Home The Underworld (Sometimes), Olympus (Sometimes), Camp (Hecate's Cabin)
Friends/Allies Hecate, Dionysus and Ardiane's Cabins
Enemies The Broken Covenant
Quests -
Εκάτη | Η μητέρα μου

Hecate|My Mother




Writing In Process



  • Protection Spells- Can form barriers or mystical armour, strength depends on experience of caster
  • Levitation Spells- Can move objects with caster's mind, More powerful demigods can levitate themselves
  • Healing Spells- Basic healing magic
  • They can see around them 360 degrees at all times. So no one can sneak up on them.
  • They can communicate with wolves and dogs, and call them in times of need.
  • They can read tarot cards.
  • They can enchant weapons and armour to make it unbreakable, extra sharp, etc.
  • Hexes- Hexes induce burns, poison, freezing, paralysis, or sleep (Counselor Only)
  • Able to talk with animals
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